Four dead, 20 missing as migrant boat sinks off Turkey’s Black Sea

Four people drowned and up to 20 were missing on Friday after a fishing boat carrying migrants sunk off Turkey ’s Black Sea coast , reports said.
Thirty - eight migrants were rescued but search and rescue efforts are in progress to find 15 - 20 people still missing in the incident off the Kefken district of the Kocaeli province east of Istanbul, the Anadolu and Dogan news agencies said .
It was not clear where the boat had left from and where it was headed.
Turkey has emerged as a hub for migrants from trouble zones around the world including Syria , Iraq and Afghanistan seeking to move to the European Union .
In 2015 , around a million people undertook risky sea journeys to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, mostly to Greece from Turkey over the Aegean Sea .
Thousands died in the perilous crossing . Responding to international pressure , Turkey tightened its sea borders and cracked down on migrant smuggling rings as part of a 2016 deal with the European Union .
The numbers of migrants crossing the Aegean has now dwindled . But increasing numbers , now rising to hundreds within a month , are now trying to cross the Black Sea from Turkey to EU member Romania .