Merkel gets fourth term as German Chancellor

Angela Merkel has won a fourth term as German Chancellor , but with her party ’ s lead in parliament cut and the country facing a surge in support for the far right.
Exit polls predicted the hard - right Alternative for Germany would become the third- largest group in the national parliament , the Bundestag , as German voters delivered a stinging blow to the traditional parties .
According to CNN , Merkel’ s centre - right Christian Democratic Union and its sister Christian Social Union had their share of the vote slashed . Germany ’s oldest party, the centre - left SPD , which had been in a “ grand coalition ” with Merkel , was consigned to opposition .
Addressing her supporters , a subdued Merkel said the result gave her a “mandate ” to govern but that the AfD ’ s success would require a “thorough analysis ” to understand the concerns of their voters .
The exit polls showed Merkel’ s CDU / CSU group would be the largest in the Bundestag , but with its lead cut to 33 . 5 per cent of the seats , down from 41 . 5 per cent in 2013 .
The SPD fell to 21 per cent from 25 . 7 per cent , a result met with shock at the party ’s headquarters. It was the CDU ’ s worst result since 1949 , and the SPD ’ s worst since 1945 .
Addressing her supporters, Merkel pledged to understand the concerns of voters who lent their support to the AfD .
“ There ’ s a big new challenge for us , and that is the entry of the AfD in the Bundestag . We want to win back AfD voters, ” she said.
SPD leader, Martin Schulz , said the result was a “ bitter disappointment ” and the party would not continue in coalition .