Spanish police arrest man over Barcelona attacks

Spanish police have arrested a Moroccan man suspected of cooperating with a cell that carried out the attacks that killed 16 people in Barcelona and a nearby seaside resort last month , Spain’ s interior minister said Friday.
The man , who lives in Spain , was detained in the eastern town of Castellon , Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido said in a Twitter message without providing further details .
In August a group of jihadists , many of them of Moroccan origin , killed 16 people in two attacks using vehicles and knives in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils in northeastern Spain.
The main suspects in the attacks , claimed by the Islamic State group , were of Moroccan origin , but most had lived in Spain for several years .
Police shot dead six of the suspected members of the cell that carried out the attacks and arrested another four . Two other suspects died in an explosion at a house used by the plotters at Alcanar , southwest of Barcelona .