They call a Conference and discuss the marginalisation; whether real  or imagined. They also accept their positive posture in that Economy and Polity and seek ways of securing them.
2. They form Committees and deploy men to work with terms of relevant references.
3. They weigh their viable options in that Nation State.
4. They deploy their intelligentsia to infiltrate World intellectual space through faculty chairs, book publications and develop new thinking.
5. They purify their political system to make sure that true ethnic patriots represent them.
6. They talk less and focus on  time lines for set objectives.
7. Karl Max and Angels may have invented Socialism to provide a level play field for the Triumph of their roots.
8. Men deployed to work will submit in due course, studies that will enable them regenerate their relevance and maintain a more sustainable developmental thrusts.
9. The Nigerian space is there for all. They may shout over any local impediments that seek to stultify their geopolitical growth. Such a noise with a strategy will achieve a change.
10. We must stop street protests. It demeans us as a people. There are positive protests that are achieved by extraordinary performances.
11. We are Okonkwo People. Let us not lose our valour and the myth of our resilience and tested elasticity.
12. Those who want to adopt the Arab Spring Method must be prepared for a long stay in the rains and under the sun with possible casualties.
13. Let us not add any value to vocal condemnation of perceived national infractions. It  is time to lift our heads above water.
14. Condolences to all Nigerians.