Why I headbutted former prime minister’

A self - described anarchist who headbutted former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has denied he attacked the politician because of his opposition to same- sex marriage .
“ It had absolutely nothing to do with marriage equality, ” said Astro Labe , a 38 - year - old DJ from Hobart, Tasmania, where the attack occurred on Thursday.
“ I was thinking ‘ there’ s Tony Abbott , I ’ m going to headbutt him ’ , ” said Labe , a self - described anarchist who expressed disdain for Abbott ’ s conservative views .
Abbott was in the southern Australian island state to campaign against same - sex marriage during a postal ballot in which Australians have been called on to vote “yes” or “no ” to legalising gay unions .
He claimed after the attack that it was part of a bullying campaign by the “ yes” camp, adding the assailant “ was , of course , wearing a ‘ yes’ badge”.
But Labe told Australian television late Friday that it “ was just coincidental that someone had stuck a sticker on my jacket ” .
He has been charged with assault over the attack .
Up to 15 million Australians are taking part in the postal ballot , which began earlier this month . The result of the vote will be known in mid - November .
Abbott , 59 , was prime minister from 2013 to 2015 , when he was deposed by current leader Malcolm Turnbull — a moderate who supports marriage equality.
Concern the vote could unleash abuse and homophobic slurs saw parliament pass election - style safeguards restricting campaign material that might be misleading and deceptive during the ballot period.
The postal survey is non - binding but Turnbull has vowed to hold a vote in parliament if the “ yes” camp wins a majority in the ballot .