Ekiti House passes law prescribing death penalty for cultists

The Ekit State House of Assembly has passed into law prescribing death
penalty for anyone found guilty of engaging in cultism, while also
revising upward punishments for those aiding and abetting the
The House also passed the 2017 Revised Appropriation Bill into law at
plenary on the floor of the House, at the Assembly Chamber in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, on Tuesday.
The Secret Cult (Abolition and Prohibition) [Ammendment] Bill 2017
was introduced by the House Leader of Business, Hon. Akinyele
Olatunji, who called the notice of the House to the incessant killing
of students by cultist at the higher institutions in the state,
especially the Ekiti State University (EKSU) in recent time.
He said Ekiti State was known for peace and that “we will not allow
any group to turn it to death trap area.”
He expressed appreciation to “the peace-loving governor of Ekiti
State, who has taken urgent steps to forward the bill to the House.”
Speaker of the House Right Hon. (Pastor) Kola Oluwawole, said “we
cannot fold our arms while some people would constitute themselves to
menace of eliminating the lives of innocent people of this state.
“It is an everlasting sorrow for someone to lose his child or
relative. The bill will reshape the lives of our youths. It will touch
those who intend to join any secret cults and those who have the
intention to take another person’s life.
“Those people that we are representing will have peace of mind that
their lives and those of their children are safe. The bill considers
very seriously the negative consequences of such action because of the
irreparable loss of lives.”
Others who also spoke were the deputy speaker, Olusegun Adewumi; Hon. Titilayo Akerele, Hon. Sina Animasaun, Hon. Dayo Akinleye, Hon. Cecilia Dada and Hon. (Dr) Samuel Omotoso, agreed that it took a lot of efforts
to raise a child from the cradle only to watch that killed in the name
of cultism.
They added that the bill was right as well as the House’s decision for
its express passage.
Honourable Afolabi Akanni from Efon, particularly, called the
attention of members of the House to the activities of “Yahoo and 419
guys” who he said wanted to turn Ekiti State to their hiding place.
He said security agencies should be awake to their duties over this menace.
The original bill, said to have been promulgated during the first term
of Governor Ayodele Fayose, was amended from the previous seven-year
imprisonment for convicted cultist to death penalty, while the
punishment for people who aid or abet the crime rose from five-year
imprisonment to life imprisonment.
Meanwhile, the report of the House Finance and Appropriation Committee
on the State 2017 Revised Appropriation Bill formed the basis of the
passing of the bill into law.
The revised estimate stood as Ninety-three billion, ninety one
million, eight hundred and fifty six thousand, thirty four naira and
forty four kobo. (N93,091,856, 034.41), as against the sum of
ninety-four billion, four hundred and fifty six million, three
hundred and ninety-nine thousand, one hundred and forty three naira
and forty kobo (94,456,399,143.40), as approved in the original budget
of the year.
According to the lawmakers, the importance of the bill was to
re-allocate funds to projects that were of paramount importance to
government and to accommodate other important projects that were
hitherto not in the approved budget, “so as to re-strategize methods
toward achieving a better result in the area of revenue generation; to
address any other issue of importance observed during the course of
implementing the budget under review.”