Halleluyah, it’s another beautiful year. The year that cannot be compared with another, for no one knows the similarity or difference, yet.  
To God be the glory for being alive to see yet a beautiful New Year. No one can say, it’s by power or might, that all mortals that scale the previous year into this beautiful maiden called year 2018 did so, except by the spirit of the Lord for thus said the Lord of Host (Zachariah 4:6). Many have gone the last month of the last year; many have pledged and planned to jubilate triumphantly for the coming year but alas, all their plan never materialized for they didn’t live to accomplish their projected plans.
To God be the glory for you and I are alive yet to say Halleluyah. I can also perceive you my brothers and sisters in the Vineyard and all those great friends and lovers who chose to read my piece again, exulting God once again for being alive. As thus the Bible says: Only the living shall exult the Lord (Isaiah 38: 19).
At the last moment of last year, while we are watching as the clock ticks into the New Year, which, we're waiting with eagerness, then, we all started making New Year resolution and praying fervently as if praying is going out of fashion. Many prayed as never before for we are calling on the hand of God for yet this coming year, which we were keenly awaiting.
This then prompted my curiosity concerning the word New Year RESOLUTION.
Making New Year Resolution has been for years immemorial. As for me, I had come to know about that word since well over 30years. In fact, while I heard those that smoke cigarette and drink alcohol chastise themselves, rebuke the driving factor to their habit and saying they are making resolution (mostly at the tail end of a passing year or immediately after the cross-over vigil), I always wondered why such people can’t decide and stop whatever bad manners without waiting for the year to end or a new year to be ushered in, before they commence such decision. 
Resolution making had been part and parcel of many people’s lives for several years; making resolution had been known of them, for as long as, they had lived; following or making moves to accomplish those lists of resolutions had also always been a difficult task, but making pledges towards same is always done with zeal, cry from the bottom of such person’s heart but never followed with the necessary desired passion.
I wished you had followed your outcry at the last day of the previous year; the cry you passionately cried to tell God to let you forgo all the bad ways you had lived; the uncharitable life you had lived and above all, the fear of God that you had never observed. You did cry to God to help you amend your ways, live a righteous life in the sight of God; be a fulfilled child of God and also for God in turn to bless the works of your hand. He heard you and will surely do His part in that contract you have willingly gone into with Him.