As 2019 general election approaches, it is very important for us to be well informed about what our current representatives have done or failed to do for us and what they plan to do if re-elected. It is their failures or achievements, that would assist us in making decisions on if they should be re-elected or not. Democracy is about everyone having the fundamental right to his or her opinion (be it right or wrong) and not been intimidated for expressing such opinion.

Politics is about serving people and the people acknowledging that you have served them well by returning you back to office. Politics is not about selfishly employing others to vote or not to vote for a particular person that you have personally benefited from.

I have been following politics  from afar and must say that some of the things written on social media by some praise singers and miscreants about certain politicians in nigeria, showed that it is either they are blind to the truth or they are plain stupid to the fact that Nigerians have not really benefited fully from its representatives at all levels.

It is imperative that we allow the people to decide if they have been well represented or not and not blackmail them into voting for anyone whom they know has failed them. “You only send a child on a second errand if they actually carried out the first errand effectively as instructed”. Good representation is when you carry those you represent along with you and not just a selective few (irrespective of party affiliations). Completed projects speaks for itself and projects on paper remains on paper. You cannot fool all the people all the time.

It is time the youths in Nigeria take their future in their own hand. The youths can do so by assessing what current representatives have done and what in-coming politicians are promising to do when deciding on who to follow come 2019. Do not be fooled any more by continually accepting fishes when the four years they usually promise you that you would be made to catch your own fishes have come and gone.