The Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development is coordinating with the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) to offer a six- month grace period to allow owners and developers, with existing developments or those wishing to commence construction but are yet to perfect their land title, obtain Planning Permits/Approvals, without penalty.
With effect from March 1st 2018, Penal Fees on Building Assessment Charges would be waived and Permits/Approvals shall be granted to:
I. Applicants who would wish to commence construction while registering their Land Title Documents with the State, Lands Bureau;
II. Applicants who would wish to commence construction during the regularization process of their Federal Government-issued Certificates of Occupancy with the State Government; and
III. Owners and developers of existing structures without Planning Permits and particularly in the following areas: lkorodu, Alimosho, Aboru, AIT, Agbelekale, Abule Egba, Alagbado, (kola, Ojodu/ Berger, Oke-Ira, Shasha, ,SU Acquisition, Ojo Military Acquisition, Ishashi Water Works Acquisition, Satellite, Festac Town, Recently Released Military Acquisition at Bada)31, /Ajido, FAAN Acquisition at Isolo, Ajah 300 hectares Acquisition, Chagouri and Chagouri Acquisition at Awoyaya, Eko Atlantic City.
Applicants are to submit the under-listed documents for assessment via the electronic Planning Permit Platform or to visit the nearest 1ASPPPA District Offices to their developments or the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority, Oba Akinjobi Way GRA, Ikeja:
I. Proof of Land Ownership such as Purchase Receipt with Stamp Duty, duly— executed Deeds along with other Statutory Documents;
II. Survey Plan;
III. Architectural Drawings;
IV. Mechanical/Structural/Electrical Drawings;
V. Evidence of Tax Payment;
VI. Land Use Charge/Tenement Rate;
VII. Statutory Clearances, where applicable;
VIII. Development Levy.
In the case of Corporate Bodies, in addition to the above requirements:
I. Company Tax;
II. Evidence of Payee Returns;
III. Certificate of Incorporation; and
IV. Other supporting documents, where required
Lagos State Government enjoins owners or developers to take advantage of the amnesty and regularize their developments by obtaining Planning Permits (Building Plan Approval) on their existing or proposed structures, also to include marquees, gazebos, containerized offices e.t.c, in order to safeguard their investments.
Fast track service available, at a charge. Please note that a Planning Permit/Approval shall not be deemed to confer ownership of the land on the applicant.
Submissions after August 31st 2018 would attract a financial penal, on the Building Plan Assessment.
The Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) would continue to ensure and certify the fitness, stability and safety of buildings in the State. Hence, developers who fail to conform to relevant regulations would be prosecuted in accordance with the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law, 2015.
Build Right, Build by the Rules!