There people of Obinetiti Dusogu village in Awkuzu town of Anambra State, are now living in abrupt fear following reported settlement of Fulani herdsmen in the area recently.
According to news reports reaching us, the Fulani herdsmen reportedly arrived the community in five fully loaded trailers to settle in the village. It was explained to the nationguardnews.com that an indigene of the village, "One Akaloyeli" from Jacob Akwaba family of Dusogu village in Awkuzu sold the massive plot of land to the Fulani at a grand sum of five million Naira ( N5, 000, 000. 00).
Defending his action, the seller was allegedly  said that he sold the plot of land to the buyers instead of an indigene because, "The Fulani's had been of immense help to me. I have done many business transactions with them without any fear. They have helped me both in financial and material aspects. The piece of land I sold to them is my rightful inheritance," he disclosed.
Meanwhile, in the entire Awkuzu community, both young and old people are living in abrupt fear of any attacks by the settlers since their arrival. The farmers among them in the area have suspended going to their farms as all farming activities were suspended.
On efforts made by the villagers to dislodge and dispatch them unwarranted settlers, a reliable source from the Obinetiti village informed  nationguardnews.com that calls and notification were put across to the Anambra State Police Commissioner and his response was very disappointing.
 The Police boss was alleged to have said, "There is no need for indigenes of Obinetiti to panic over the arrival of Fulani herdsmen in the community. We are all Nigerians.
" In case of any destruction of farmland, cattle should not be killed. It infuriates the Fulanis and only brings war. Farmers should report immediately to government for adequate compensation,"