The system will actually fights corruption not by our mentality.
For example a functional system set up without loopholes will definitely fights its own corruption.
If you employ a British man or woman to help you manage a shop. After 5yrs of Apprenticeship and he/she will be settled.
Without checkmating him or her on daily sales, do you think that they will actually be trustworthy?
The system put in place for their country curtailed their excesses. It's not about their mindset but the working system.
People in USA steal Atm machines all the time. They will use their truck hooked with chains to pull the damn machine out. But they will be caught eventually.
There are bad people everywhere but the system cuts down corruption.
If federal government can allow states in Nigeria to conduct identification of their residents, not national thing because Nigeria is a big country. Workers in the state will sign in and out with their identification card.
Ghost workers will diminish but government won't allow such because they are beneficially to the system.