Nigerian Christian mothers have been enjoined to be faithful to God as they do their duties as wives and mothers.
Making the appeal in an interview with The in her Ogba Lagos residence, a Christian woman leader, Mrs Grace Fehintola Oluwansanmi explained that the role mothers play in child bearing, rearing, family upkeep and home administration is very critical that need to pray always while on duty.
Reflecting on this year's Mothering Sunday and the Women's Day just celebrated all over the world, Mrs Oluwansanmi who was the immediate past leader of Fellowship of Love group in The Chapel of The Healing Cross, Idi - Arabs, Lagos, remarked that God is the only that could be everywhere every time to supervise, protect and guide the home, children and other things that bother mothers. She therefore advised mothers to channel their anxieties and worries to God.
"Women, especially mothers, should humility, be peace makers at homes, counsellors to children, not given to violence in solving problems and to always teach children the ways of God.
" Mothering Sunday," according to her, "started in Britain. It is held one Sunday in a year, and one was expected to go back to the 'mother' church where one was baptised as an infant and worship God there on that Sunday. That was the British point of view of Mothering Sunday. American and Nigerian churches changed it and use it to honour mothers."
According to the seasoned retired civil servant who put in 35 years in Federal civil service, "Mothering Sunday started quite recently in The Chapel of The Healing Cross, Idi -Arabs, Lagos about nine years ago during the time of the last chief  resident minister.
"It is celebrated on the first Sunday in Lent, though it differs from one denomination to another. In The Chapel of The Healing Cross, women take over the day's Church service. They officiate, read the sermon, preach the Gospel, conduct the choir, direct the order of service, etc."
On the role of women in the society, the former Fellowship of Love leader explained that by establishing Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Non - Governmental Organizations (NGOs) concerned with women in the country, showed that women play prominent roles in the affairs of this nation.
Drawing from her wealth of experience, as a retired civil servant and a mother of five children with many grandchildren, Mrs Oluwansanmi advised career mothers to protect the home front such that the children would not suffer. "One can combine career and home upkeep, if there are flexible hours. Sending babies to nearby cretch may be a solution. One can weigh house helps and nannies as options. British Government do give child-benefits allowances for nursing mothers not working in order to see that the children are properly brought up. Thus the mother is paid to do the job of a nanny in her own house if she postpones working."
She advised Nigerian Christian mothers to seriously and prayerfully watch over their children. "Children of nowadays are too much exposed to media. It is mind boggling, very terrific. During our own time we could go to cinemas and occasionally peep at the house of those who had television then. Today, television, handsets with audio and video provisions, are everywhere."
Mrs Grace Fehintola Oluwansanmi, a retired Federal civil servant, began her career in 1976 during the Obasanjo regime during the Military era. She put in 35 years. She worked in Central Bank of Nigeria, Investment Bureau, Administrative Office, Corrupt Practices Dept., Ministry of Agriculture, Pool Administrative Office,  among others. A graduate of Economics of University of Lagos, Mrs Oluwansanmi likes watching television, partying, and loves reading good story books. She reads a lot.