Our attention have been drawn to a press release by Ohanaeze Youths demanding immediate resignation of Nnia Nwodo as president General of Ohanaeze and a letter from IPOB which threatened the family of Nnia Nwodo and to disrupt the Igbo summit to be held in Enugu.

We the members of Eastern Regional Assembly(ERA), under the umbrella of Igbo Gburu Gburu(IGG), worldwide, after a thoughtful consideration and critical reading of the two letters by the above mentioned groups have decided to lend our voice to the politics of Ndigbo. We therefore wish to state as follows.

1. That Ohanaeze Ndigbo is the apex sociocultural organization Ndigbo have. Besides Ohanaeze Ndigbo has no other umbrella organization.

We recognize Ohanaeze Ndigbo and its president as the only mouthpiece of Ndigbo in Nigerian national issues. This does not mean an exclusion or none recognition of the roles other individuals and organizations are playing in Nigeria for the emancipation of Ndigbo in Nigeria.

2. We affirm our support for Ohanaeze and its leadership. We are not oblivious of the imperfections of Ohanaeze or its leadership. We recognize their imperfections and state that such is not exclusive to Ohanaeze. Every human organization has its human defects that become its internal challenge. To blow such challenges out of proportion and to use them as reasons to insult our apex institution is unacceptable.

3. We like to remind Ohanaeze youths president, Mr. Okechukwu Isiguzo, that the youths of Ohanaeze are not supposed to be auditors of Ohanaeze neither do the youths have any delegated responsibility to police Ohanaeze, or constitutional powers to demand the resignation of Nnia Nwodo. We saw the youths letter as an affront on the person of Nnia Nwodo and as a sponsored attempt to blackmail Ohanaeze and its leadership.

4. We wish to remind Ohanaeze youths and its leadership that their failure as youths to prevent or protect our elders, children and women from being massacred and raped by the Fulani herdsmen shows they do not understand their primary responsibilities as youths.

5. We are worried that with the rate of the jihadist inquest into our homes, the desecration of our ancestral lands, the violation of our women and the threat of invasion facing us as a people, all Okechukwu Isiguzo and his youths could think of is the removal of Nnia Nwodo. We warn Okechukwu and his cronies to stop the insults and unwarranted attacks on Nnia Nwodo. The youths and their leadership should concern and prove themselves by stopping the Fulani herdsmen from invading, desecrating our land and raping our women. Rushing to issue press release is not an achievement for a youth organization that cannot boost of any landmark achievement since its inception.

6. We wish also to remind IPOB and its leadership in case they have forgotten the followings.
A) Ohanaeze Ndigbo by its name is an umbrella Organization for Ndigbo, not for Biafra activists.
B) That IPOB, MASSOB, Billie Initiative, MOBIN, BZM etc are all groups working for actualization of Biafra. IPOB therefore should consider establishing and pursuing areas all the pro Biafra groups could work together instead of spending time demonizing Ohanaeze.
C) Ohanaeze has its own constitution to which Nnia swore to defend, its own ideology which Nnia must champion. Should there be any conflicts a way to resolve it through dialogue must be sort not through media or press release.
D) Ohanaeze is the only Igbo apex group that can match Afenifere, ACF and other tribes' apex groups not IPOB, MASSOB or any other pro Biafra.

We wish to establish here that why IPOB is undertaking a noble and praiseworthy task in leading the fight for actualization of Biafra, Ohanaeze as an umbrella organization is made up divergent opinion groups of Ndigbo some of which believe in Biafra through referendum, some want Biafra through a political process, some want Republic of Igbo nation, while some want Ndigbo in a restructured Nigeria. All these groups are under one president and each is very strong and pushing. It will therefore be very wrong for any pro Biafra group to come too strong on Nnia because he is not buying into their ideas.

It is also important to state in an unambiguous term that Nnia speaks for Ndigbo not Biafrans. Other regions within Biafra nation have their apex groups. Their ideologies are not exactly the ideology of the pro Biafra groups. To leave these other groups and attack only Ohanaeze creates negative impression that IPOB is in ego fight with Ohanaeze.

On the proposed summit, we affirm our support for the summit. It is called Igbo summit not Biafra summit. IPOB should respect the will of Igbo people and stay away from that summit.

It's equally important to remind Emma Powerful that IPOB has no power over Ohanaeze and should desist from positioning himself as an authority in Ohanaeze issues.

The beauty of democracy is tolerant of different opinions. If as an agitating nation, we show such disregard to different opinions and ideologies, we give ourselves out as despots in the making.

In conclusion we want to remind Igbo youths who think our elders (Ohanaeze) are cowards or weak that this present Ohanaeze were the gallant Biafran soldiers. They sacrificed their youthful age, romanced Mark4 in the bush, fought with bare hands to defend the freedom we enjoy today. At their time, we were killed in the north and they went to war. In your own time as youths, they come to kill you in your homes you offer no resistant yet you are not ashamed to curse those who not only fought but raised you with the injustice of 20 pounds. What has the youths of Ndigbo achieved since 1970? Nnia Nwodo was a full Lt during the civil war. What are you today?

Finally we call on all Igbo youths, IPOB and all the pro Biafra groups to rally round Alaigbo Foundation and mobilize to ensure the passage of No Open grazing bill sitting in the offices of all 7 Igbo states governors. If you did this, you would have recorded a landmark achievement for yourselves.

Onyema Uche
Eastern Regional Assembly