The two-day 2018 Business Seminar of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, Nigeria, Lagos, with the theme, "GREEN REVOLUTION: GOING BACK TO BASICS," has ended with a charge on participants to bid poverty farewell by applying the new entrepreneur spirit imparted on them by the seasoned and world-class facilitators assembled.
The event of the last day of the two-day seminar was kicked off by Obi Ezekwesili - a field representative, who prayed down God's presence, guidance and grace to achieve purpose of gathering.
Wetting the ground for what were to come, the chairman and master of ceremony(MC) of the day, Dr. Okey Akpa - a national director, ignited an electrifying discussions and reactions on vital issues raised previously in the first day topics. People excitedly asked questions and made contributions on key issues in the papers presented.
Two papers were scheduled for the second and final day, just as was done on the first day. The first paper was on "Opportunities in Snail Farming," and Mrs Ajadi Opeyemi, CEO of Greencollar Farms was the facilitator.
She gave detailed account of herself as a practical snail farmer. Being simple and accessible in her presentation, her teaching was easily understood. Everybody was in the flow. It was an eye opener to the audience such that many were eager to step into her shoes.
She said that snail needs attention just as an old woman in a family does. Stressless business, snail farming is not an instant cash giving business but has many rich opportunities that can shoot the farmer into financial freedom. That was vintage Opeyemi.
Snail has teeth, nose and eats what human beings eat except salt. It lays up to four hundred eggs in a clutch, doing it thrice in a year. Three types of snail are common in West Africa: Achatina Fulca, Achachatina Achachatina and Achtina Maginata. Snails live up to nine years. Loamy soil is its natural habitat, and if endangered can hide inside soil for up three years. Its food served in flat plates needs to be cooked and the habitation well treated and secured against attacks from ants, insects and other animals.
Presenting the last paper "Funding Sources for Micro and Small Business, Dr. Adebola Olubanjo exposed many was available for one to draw funds to run a business. He however, warned not to borrow at the starting point but to start small with self equity, or at least half of it, if not more.
Dr. Olubanjo, a chartered accountant, richly exposed in both national and international matters, is a mentor of mentors and author of many books including, " How to Finance Your Business " and " How to Create Wealth and Avoid Poverty." This guru in finance belongs to and heads many financial organizations.
His presentation was weaved with humours and wits. Patience, perseverance and creativity were parts of his recommendations for one who wants to succeed in business. On requesting for loan from a bank, the wealth coach and fellow of many financial associations, advised applying more than needed and taking less than offered, and then spending half of the amount collected. The remain should be kept in the bank.
Both days of the two-day seminar were well accounted for. Each participant left brimming with new ideas or with reinvigorated one of what to do to make wealth.
Speaking to the nationguardnews.com after the program, Chief Clifford Onyeje, the South West 4 District Coordinator explained that the objective of holding the seminar was to empower members financially to enable them be strong financially in their careers. This, he said, would enable them also to fund the work of God in Full Gospel, do airlifts to other countries of the world, and be able to pay their bills. DC Onyeje saw challenges encountered as the needed stepping stones, being part of life.
According to him, the next step would be to break the seminar into a workshop where the nitty gritty of the topics would be dissected to enable members begin to make money as an evidence of the benefits. He enjoined participants to be open to instructions received and put them into practice.
Appreciating both the facilitators, participants, sponsors and officials, chairman of this year's business seminar, Mr. Ibibia Iniworikabo expressed satisfaction in delivering a superlative seminar beneficial to all that attended.
He was happy with the innovation of having two papers per day which gave both the facilitators and participants elaborate time to present quality papers and to ask questions and make contributions.
Chairman Iniworikabo was very optimistic that the impartation would bring success in the business of members. He disclosed to nationguardnews.com that Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, Nigeria South West 4, Lagos, would concentrate on agriculture because that was where the nation was moving to and there was money in the business. He enjoined members to believe and participate in subsequent seminars and to testify of successes made out of them in order to encourage others. He thanked all who contributed directly and indirectly, in one way or another to make it a huge success.