APGA WILL GO BEYOND SOUTHEAST IN 2019 - Chief Francis C. Ngoka

Chief Francis Chibuzor Ngoka is a chieftain of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, a political party formed by late warlord Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, Eze Igbo Gburu Gburu. It has been the ruling party for the past twelve years plus, especially in Anambra State, home town of the founder.
In this interview, Chief Francis Chibuzor Ngoka is a Naze Owerri, Imo State born financial and marketing  consultant to many national and multinational organiations. This marketing and human management specialist talks to our Managing Editor, Fidel Ozugha on wide range of issues including chances of APGA breathing air in other states of the nation. Read his views.
I have been in politics for over ten years now. Due to trappings of Nigeria's political scene, I have not been able to get a shot at the desired post. Twice I made attempts at House of Representatives. I joined ACN in 2011 instead of ordinarily joining APGA.
So I am now in APGA, not to contest for any post but to support any quality APGA candidate.
Government of Rochas Okorocha is a disaster. He started well initially, but this time around, there is nothing to write home about. Every Imolite is clamouring for him to quicken his steps and get out of Imo State Government House.
Okorocha has unturned old games compared to what is going on in Anambra which is an APGA State. Be mindful that Rochas  came in under APGA. Overnight he switched over to APC without carrying members along. That has been his mistake which is going to bring him down as a politician.
APGA has been my party since I left ACN. It has been my party since 2014 in my ward. APGA has been my Party and nothing else.
APC Government at the Federal level, they have been trying but have not earned the trust of Nigerians in their 'change mantra' they promised Nigerians to bring to  bear in the country.
Granted that they said that they would fight corruption, they are not there yet. They tried but have not achieved much. One thing I can give kudos to the APC Federal Government is the financial profligacy they have curbed to the nearest minimum. That's what I can count, but in terms of the economy, they have not done well in revamping the economy. The economy is rather picking up on its own. The common man cannot and does not feel the positive impacts of the economy. All the indices are there on papers only but the poor man is suffering the poorly and badly managed economy of the country.
The new government has to work on the economy. Economy! Economy!! Economy!!! They have to work on the economy. If the economy is right, every other thing will be alright. Create an environment for the economy to thrive. Another one is electricity. Electricity and economy hold the key. You see, they are intertwined. If the economy is right and there is power, Nigerians will be better. Jobs will spring up naturally.
Actually, APGA would have grown beyond Anambra State, but take, for instance Imo State. Rochas came in through APGA but he sabotaged the Party. He abandoned APGA and joined APC, and you know, power of incumbency is very strong. He tried to bring everybody who ordinarily would not have joined APC.
Invariably, he has the yam and holds the knife (an Igbo adage of one being in absolute control). Invariably, people would want to join him in order to get a piece of the action.
Ordinarily, Imo State is an APGA State. APGA would have gotten Abia State and other extended nearby states even Ebonyi but we cannot grow because of Nigeria's brand of politics.
Imo State is said to be The  Eastern Heartland (formerly Land of Hope). Having lost Imo State, APGA's legs appeared to be wobbling walking on the tarmac of the Nigeria's politics. That's the challenge we have. Okorocha made APGA what it ought not to be today.
Actually, I don't see APGA as an Igbo political party despite the fact that the founder Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu was an Igbo man. It is not an entirely an Igbo party. APGA is in Plateau State. It is in Nasarawa State, and very strong there in other northern states. Laban Maku, who was the former Minister of Information during Goodluck Jonathan Government, contested for Governorship in Nasarawa State under APGA. Even here in Lagos, APGA exists. But you know the trajectory of politics in Nigeria. Some people see it as an Igbo Party, but it is not true.
Ojukwu always stood on the truth, and that's why the Biafran issue of restructuring has been on the front burner of APGA. All the people who believe in the ideals are people who are in APGA. Not only that it has moved beyond eastern states now, even the western ones are now talking of restructuring. Restructuring is now the way to go and grow because the founder believed in the truth.
APC led Federal Government abhors anything restructuring and that has been a big setback to the growth of this country. The stand has held us down at a place. And it is very unfortunate.
If indeed they want the country to grow, they would have proclaimed restructuring the way and manner they proclaimed June 12. Awarding highest honours to MKO Abiola, and others is a political style.
You know, in politics, you use whatever you have to get what you want. That's actually what Buhari has exactly done. I don't blame him. He is a politician, even if not a good one, people around him, his advisers did a nice job for him on June 12 issue.
You know that I am not a legal person to  comment fairly on legality or otherwise of giving Abiola the award of GCFR meant for Presidents when he actually had not been sworn in and assumed duty as one. But as I told you earlier that as a politician, whatever you can use to have your way, to get your political gain, please try to use it.
APGA has very wonderful, bright and big chances to take over Imo State. All the known big political names that aspire to become the Governor of Imo State are now in APGA.
I will not say for now that I am supporting this or that person. When the time comes, I will let the bird out of the bag. Time will tell.
Actually, Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State is my role model. He has won my heart. Initially, he started very well. When it seemed that people were saying all manner of  rubbish, he remained calm and collected. He remained resolute and consistent, paying workers their salaries, paying the retirees their pensions and gratuities, as and when due, even carrying out a lot of developmental strives in Anambra State. You know, Gov. Obiano is a corporate person. He is a financial guru, an expert in growing and managing public funds. He brought all these to bear in Anambra State.
So he is my role model in all ramifications. He is my role model in governance. He is my role model in person. He is my role model in career. And come to think of it, he belongs to APGA.