A sports enthusiast, Mr. Tony Asiegbu has assessed the current national team, the Super Eagles of Nigeria and concluded that the team lacks the cohesion and understanding that make a team tick.
Speaking to the at Ilasamaja, Mushin Lagos, Mr. Asiegbu explained that the players are bundle of stars but is not a team because the understanding among the players and inherent cohesion is lacking.
According to him,"a lot of things are involved in the making of a team. They include preparations, level of development of sports in the country, technicality, and technicality knowledge of the coach involved, and financial muscle of the country or her ability to afford cost of running sports in the country.
Comparing this crop of team and that of 1994 squad the sports veteran said that the difference was that the current coach of the team campaigning for honour in Russia, was not well blended due to short time the coach had to do that.
Mr. Wester Horf who coach the 1994 squad, he pointed out, had enough time select and prepare a team. He started in 1983 and had 127 players to select from. By 1994, he had gotten formidable players that represented Nigeria handsomely. Rohr, the current coach did not have enough time to build up world class team.
However, he said that football is a game of luck and prophesied that the team might be lucky to do better than their players before them.