Surprises are springing up in the ongoing world football tournament in Russia. Yesterday, Egypt, another African representative lost to Uruguay by a lone goal. Earlier, Morocco was defeated by the same margin by Iran.
In the opening game, Russia, the host country, wiped Saudi Arabia five goals to nothing to claim the three points at stake.
The match between Portugal and Spain was highly explosive due presence of Christiano Rinaldo in the Portuguese team who instendally plays for Real Madrid of Spain. So all his football tricks and gimmicks were assumed to be on the finger tips of the Spanish players.
Thus he was carved in the tournament, but being a star, he lived up to expectations. The match ended up three goals apiece with Rinaldo scoring three of the Portuguese goals. First was a penalty for hacking him down inside the box. He converted the sport kick to a goal at four minutes of the game.
Another goal of international standard came from his leg when Spain was leading. It was 2-2 on both sides. To show superiority, Spain scored their third goal, hoping to run away with the three points at stake.
Less than ten minutes to end the match, a free kick was awarded to Portugal and Rinaldo positioned himself for it. Expectations were high as the burden and fate of his country was on his shoulders. He scored the goal with a heart trick.
The question now is the GOAT - GREATEST OF ALL TIME? Is it Lionel Messy of Argentina or Cristiano Rinaldo of Portugal?
Today, Argentina has her opening match and all eyes will be on Lionel Messy to prove either superior or inferior to high arch rival Rinaldo.
Meanwhile, Nigeria's Super Eagles will file out today for their opening match against Croatia. It is going to be tough for both sides. It is men verse men.