The clamour to restructure Nigeria for the betterment of components and quick growth of the nation was again brought to the front burner during the inauguration of elected executive members of Ohanaeze Lagos State.
In his speech, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, Presidential General of the Igbo apex body, said that restructuring the nation was very important and the solution to many problems confronting the country for years.
"We do not agree with 1999 Constitution because it was imposed on the people who made no input in its production. In restructuring, we will have state police, have resource control -coal for Enugu; oil for Port Harcourt, Imo; no more JAMB, states own universities. We stand on restructuring. No more war in Nigeria."
Chief Nwodo appreciated the Igbo women whose beauty he admired but enjoined them to be so in mind and character, assigning them the duty of checkmating their husbands not to foment trouble in Ohanaeze.
 He however warned youths to be aware for unavoidable presence of Judas in every twelve and to be cautious not to be misled by such an imposter and pretender."You are our strength", he charged the youths.
Speaking during the occasion, the leader of Afenifere, Chief Ago Adebanjo, who dressed in Igbo attire with a corresponding Igbo cap, declared unequivocally, "No restructuring, no Nigeria. We want a united country for all of us, not a country where some will be slaves, or horses ridden by others. My fear of Igbo disunity is allayed by what I see today.
" Let our government be clear. It is the army that disrupted Nigeria and imposed leadership on us," he said, commending President Buhari for recognising June 12 as a Democracy Day in the country.
Chief Edwin Clark of South South sent his word of solidarity through a representative. He pledged cooperation, unity and harmony not only among themselves but also with the host tribe of the Yorubas. "Whatever happens to Igbos also happens to us."
In his accptence after being sworn-in by a legal icon, Chijioke Okoli, SAN, who is also the President of League of Anambra Professionals, assured all of unifying Igbo to be one, speak with one voice and live in peace with their host.
"With this we can be make progress and achieve success, help one another. We will work with Afenifere. Our major problem starts with what we say and some claims we make. Let's work together as a united entity which is meaning and symbol of Oha-na-eze," he emphasized.
President Solomon Aguene who is also the Chairman/CEO of Aguene Art Foundation paid a glowing tribute to  late Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam who founded the apex Igbo sociocultural union while alive. President Ogbonna Aguene disclosed that he was working on a plan to immortalise Chief Ibiam by having an Akanu Ibiam Day among Igbos.
Speaking to the later, Pastor Okey Anorue who said the opening prayer explained that his prayer to God centred on unity of Igbos in supporting Ohanaeze in all the states of the federation and in Igbo land.
"If this is achieved, we will no longer be an object of caricature, a laughing stock in affairs of this nation and in a comity of other tribes.
" It is now crystal clear that we can change the 'sing song' of leadershipless status ascribed derogatorily to Igbos for ages. You can see Enugu, Imo, Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Delta and Rivers states coming together, joining brotherly hands for a purpose."
As for how to sustain the success of being together and united in action, Pastor Anorue who is also the President of Imo State Towns Union in Lagos, implored all Igbo in Lagos, trade unions and market leaders, town unions, social clubs, women associations, youth organizations, etc of Igbo extractions to rally round President Solomon Aguene.
"If we unity and speak as one, Lagos State can hear us and relate better with us. Insensant demolition of markets where Igbos eke out their living will reduce if not be eliminated. Team work achieves better and bigger positive results," he remarked.
The inauguration ceremony of both the state president and local government chairmen, women leaders and their executives was chaired by retired Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, GCON, and witnessed by such notable Igbo leaders like retired Admiral Ndubuisi Kalu, former Minister of Information Dr. Walter Ofonagoro, former governors of Anambra Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife and Ondo Dr. Olusegun Mimiko respectively, Chief Guy Ikoku, Eze Ndigbo Lagos Chief Hyacinth Ohazulike, among others.