That Nigeria lost in her opening match against Croatia was a mistake mostly from coach Rohr.
Disclosing this to the in this Oshodi-Apapa expressway, Sanya, Lagos, the Chairman cum Managing Director, Asollo Universal Automobile Ltd, Chief Dr. Dennis Chikeluba Amobi explained that the Super Eagles coach fielded players wrongly in the match.
"It appeared to me that he did not do his work well. I lay the loss on him, though players but the misplaced players. The Croatians were very fast.

"That was my observation. We lost the game. However, that notwithstanding, in our second match against Iceland, Rohr changed because a lot of people to him. He took their advice. He decided to play Ahmed Musa in the beginning of the game. That served Musa as the motivator of the match."
Dr. Amobi who is the owner of Asollo Universal Football Football Club, Abagana, Anambra State, explained that Musa being the motivator, shouldered the responsibility having being been placed in the angle he plays well.
Dr. Amobi observed that the position gave Musa an ample opportunity to roving left and right. He displayed his experience in the angle,"he said.
Analysing and predicting today's match against Argentina, he said that Musa would be certainly fielded to start the match against Argentina. The coach, he said would equally maintain the key players in the key positions. That will be our victory.
"Argentina are very tactical and technical. They are not too physical. Nigeria can contain Argentina very very well. The match is going to be a good match but at the end of the day, Nigeria will come out with joy. That's my production.
" Remember that if we have draw, we have qualified. If we beat them, that will be better. So I am expecting that at worst, we have draw. I don't know if it is going to be one-one, or zero-zero. But it can be a draw. I am not expecting Argentina to beat us. And if we are to beat them, it is going to be two-one in our favour."
On the poor performance of Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia in the tournament, the soccer enthusiast said, "Almost all the North African countries have good teams but World Cup is not the African Nations Cup. The standard they put in is similar to that of African Nations Cup fiesta.
"And that's why they did not do well. They are not too bad. Look at Senegal, they have a very young team with zeal to play. They are also very technical and tactical.
" They only need some adjustment, and they will go far. I see them qualifying to knock out stage. And I believe they are going to go beyond the knock out stage. That done, they might go to the finals," he said.
Dr. Amobi advised the Super Eagles coach to focus on the match against Argentina, arguing that if we bypass Argentina, we will certainly go beyond the second stage unless we will meet a tough country like France, which he saw as difficult to against.
It will be recalled that Chief Dr. Amobi commented on Nigeria-Croatia match, reasoning that it was too early to predict them until they had played their first matches.
He was of the opinion that the players should not be judged by their friendly matches which he said were not proper  World Cup proper but mere warm up matches.
In his own view, Chief Uchenna Ezedia, Ezennia of Oraukwu - a Nigerian business mogul based in Cameroon, "The match is going to be tough because Argentina is a football nation, but considering that Nigeria beat Iceland, Eagles will beat Argentina in the match."