The All Progressives Congress (APC) has lost a key member in the person of Chief of Staff of the Senate President Mr. Hakeem Baba - Ahmed has announced his resignation from the Party.
Speaking to journalists in Kaduna on Monday, Baba - Ahmed explained that the ruling party has grossly under - performed in its duties to the country. He said that the decision to leave was a difficult one but was made after due consultation with members of his faction of the party. He had therefore forwarded his resignation letter to the APC chairman of his ward.
"This statement is to inform the public of my resignation from APC. I have sent a formal letter to this effect to chairman of my ward.
" This has been a very difficult decision to leave a party I helped to form. After three years, however, I need to say that APC has grossly under - performed and has forfeited any claim to my loyalty and continued membership," he stated.
The Chief of Staff to Senate President Bukola Saraki said that he did not believe in all conscience that APC should be trusted and encouraged to continue to govern our country beyond 2019. Baba-Ahmed however disclosed that he was not leaving  APC to join another political party. The decision he took, he explained, was his own alone.