Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, a first republic Minister of Aviation and elder statesman has accused President Muhammad Buhari of being behind the atrocities caused by the Fulani herdsmen in parts of the country.
Chief Amaechi was reacting to the statement that Igbo political future depended on President Buhari's reelection which All Progressives Congress, APC, canvassed during her rally in Owerri, Imo State.
"Instead of taking Igbo for granted, they should allow Igbo to go, even though I do not support any breakaway," he said.
Assessing Buhari's performance in the last three years, he disclosed that it was filled with feudalistic tendencies which only succeeded in breeding disharmony among Nigerians.
"He is the one behind herdsmen menace in many parts of the country otherwise he would have done something to stop the incessant killings. My belief is that the whole idea was to spread Islam."
He regretted that no successive government in the country appreciated all that he did for the nation especially fighting for her independence, going to prison, among others.
He explained that Buhari's administration refusal to give Nigerians a new and workable constitution showed that he still had military mentality.
In the same vein, reactions from various Igbo groups found the statement during the APC mega rally in Imo State organised by Gov. Rochas Okorocha as very unfortunate.
Boss Mustapha, SFG and Buhari's representative at the event, said, "2019 is an election that will make or mar the chances of Igbo in Nigeria. I want Igbo to make a paradigm shift."
Reacting through her spokesman Chuks Ibegbu, Ohanaeze said, "The political future of Ndigbo lies on God and not on any man. Nobody should play God over the political fate of Ndigbo. We have nothing against President Buhari's re-contest but nobody should threaten or cajole us with that. The actions, utterances and activities of any presidential candidate for 2019 will determine if Ndigbo would identify with a candidate or candidates that are ready to restructure the country and exhibit equity in polity.
To President General, Igboezue International Association Nigeria and the Diaspora, IIAD, Chief Pius Okoye, " If the treatment meted out on Igbos by seizing their millions of pounds sterling in the banks, confiscating of their properties in almost all parts of Nigeria, including nearby Port Harcourt, Rivers State, declaring their properties as abandoned properties, by the then Nigerian government and their cohorts, and the stipend given to them to start afresh did not decide Igbos' future then Buhari, APC and no man can do that, but God."