The cracker of a match between the host nation Russia and Croatia the only surviving team in Nigerian group proved to be the most exciting moment of the entire tournament so far.
With one goal apiece in the first half, both teams refused to surrender their superiority over to the other. In the second half, goal scoring levelled up to two-two draw, begging for extra time. And it came with neither of the two teams refusing to bow to the other.
Both halves of the extra time produced no results which gave birth to penalty shoot outs.
It was tension soaked. Supporters of both countries held their hearts in their hands.
Croatian goalkeeper increased blood levels of Russians who needed victory as the blood of the game. The spot kick did not enter as the Croatian goalkeeper slapped it out with his left hand palm. Russia was down. Croatia scored. Russia scored. Croatia missed, the goalkeeper of Russia refused the ball to be behind him. Croatia missed. Then Russia scored. Same with Croatia. Russia failed in two as Croatia failed in one. Croatia has won. Silence enveloped host nation.